Friday, September 19, 2014

My boys

I know I just wrote a post about Blue being 8 months and I will soon be telling all about Pate at 3, but I just wanted to write down a few things about their personalities now.
Blue, got his first tooth yesterday. Ask me how I know. :(
Also, he learned to clap this week! So cute! He's standing up more than he sits these days. Getting pretty confident....
He also is becoming so mischevious! ha! He gets into something he's not supposed to and looks at you and grins and sometimes gives this belly laugh. ;)

Pate....he is just growing so so much! He is talking so much now and can say about anything he wants! He learned his ABC's!!! It's so funny how one day they just know all this information! ha! He also knows his colors and some shapes! Love when he says "twiangle." He also is so so funny! He makes us laugh all the time. He tells me "Go Ti-gahs!" then just laughs and laughs when I say "No! Yuck! Go Dawgs!" ha! He thinks that is the funniest thing ever! He also was walking around the Salvation Army last week saying, "Hey! Check dis out!" ha! I think his pre-school teacher, Mrs. Stephanie had something to do with that one! A lady in the store walked over to see who was saying it! ha! The way he says "What you do-ing he-ah?" cracks us up. Also, "How YOU do-ing?" This morning, we went to Krispy Kreme for Talk like a Pirate Day and he was sitting in Alabama's seat while I got him ready. He tells me, "You get my doughnut, I wait he-ah." ha! Later, I threw his passy to him but it fell down between the seat. He tells me "What you throw it for?" He's just so cute I could eat him with a spoon!!! I was amazed the other day when he got out a big plastic baseball bat and ball and could throw it up and hit the ball. :O 
I'm so thankful for these boys and the chance to be their Mama!

Friday, September 12, 2014

8 months

Blue, you're 8 months old!

 You are such a good, good baby! We are blessed! Everyone in nursery and Bible study tell me how thankful they are for you! You win the gold star! Your theme word is "content." You are pulling up on EVERYTHING now! So big! A couple times you have cruised down the couch but too much. You like to climb up the little slide at church. You like to play with anything you're not supposed to! :) You like your piano sometimes but mostly like to see what you can get into...especially in Alabama's room. You're so great at riding in the car...which is good because we're in it a lot! You eat bananas, peaches, green beans, yogurt, carrots, pears, and baby mum mums. You love to wrestle with Pate but I try to make him play gentle with you. You have a fun personality and like to play and squeal. You don't have any teeth yet! You tried cheerios but weren't a fan. You say Mama and Bama! :) You will sometimes wave but mostly just for Nana! You still wake up twice at night. :(
I keep telling myself it won't last forever. ha! You went on your first trip to the zoo this month! Daddy, Alabama, Pate and I all went one Saturday and you did wonderful! We started music at preschool this month and you're doing great going with me to all the classes. Your hair and eyelashes are getting so long and beautiful! I love you so much and just kiss those sweet cheeks all the time!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

7 months and counting!

Little boy blue turned 7 months old on the 6th of August! You have learned so much this month! You leaned how to get to sitting all by yourself, to stand up in your bed (8/1) and are trying to pull up on other furniture. They day before you turned 7 months, you started to crawl!!! It is so funny with one knee and one foot, but it gets you around! ha! Slow down mister! You have always wanted to be so grown and not be a baby! You also said your first word!!! MAMA!! It sounds like this...mamaaamamaaa. Sweetness! You weigh 22 pounds and wear size 9-12 month clothes and size 4 diaper. You STILL don't sleep through the night. You wake up once at least. I love you anyway. ;) You got to go to the beach for the first time this month! You didn't really love it but you did so good. You took a nap at the pool and beach and I was so surprised.

 You put everything you can get to in your mouth. You love your brother and sister and they love to make you laugh. You are ticklish on your neck and your belly! You like to eat carrots, bananas, apples, green beans, and peas. You really love sweet potatoes, too, but they give you gas! ha! You nurse every 3-4 hours and will NOT drink formula. You're such a sweet boy. We love you so so much and are thankful you're ours!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jekyll Island 2014 "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

Here are some pictures (ok, a lot of pictures) of our family vacation to Jekyll Island this summer! We had a perfectly imperfect time. ha! The beach with three littles isn't always so great, but we made the most of it, I think, and the kids had a great time! We left Saturday morning and made it a little after noon to Jeff and Brooke's in Brunswick. They took us to a delicious place on St. Simon's called Nacho's. It was so so good! We went to the grocery store and then to check in to our condo at Villas by the Seas. They let us use a 20% off coupon from Jeff and also we were upgraded to a two bedroom at no charge! Woo hoo! Alabama loved having an upstairs and their own room. The decor was outdated 80's beach style but it was nice and clean. After that, we finally made it to the "beach." We packed up all of our things, (lots of them) and walked down to the stairs to the beach. Except there was no beach. The tide was about half way in and they have these rocks to protect the dunes so there was no actual beach at that point. Alabama had fun riding the kick board in the water with Brooke and Jeff, though. Oh, and the water was really really dirty. Blue got in the ocean for the first time and wasn't really a fan. 

We left to go get a shower and then went to eat at the Driftwood Bistro. It was absolutely delicious! I had the friend shrimp platter with sweet potato casserole and squash casserole. So, so good! Blue slept the whole time and the kids were pretty well behaved, too!
 Oh, but before we left, we saw a raccoon outside and Adam fed him a chee-to from his hand!

 The best of the pictures from the night. ha! 
 The next day, Sunday, we got  up and Adam cooked breakfast in the room for us and then we went to the pool about 10. Alabama and Pate loved jumping in the water and Pate had so much fun with Adam throwing him up. Blue took a nap with me and I was so surprised at how well he did at the pool and beach!

 We went back to the room and had lunch and then packed up to go to the Great Dunes beach. We hauled all of our things down a steep staircase to the beach, found a spot and set up. It would have been funny (I'm sure it will be later....that's our life!) if it wasn't terrible! We got the umbrella up fine, but the baby tent that I borrowed it was way too windy for it. Not long after we set up, we discovered that the local trailer park residents were beside us. (No offense if you live in a trailer park, you probably wouldn't like these people, either.) ha! They cussed at their kids, wore jeans, that's right full blue jeans in the water, had one man who must have been 500 pounds and fully clothed (not complaining!ha) that sat in a chair the entire time, and were just loud. Pate loved throwing his ball in the water and Alabama liked to swim on her kickboard with Adam but Blue took a nap on me and then on the blanket under the umbrella. We were having a nice time relaxing (as much as you can with the trailer park beside us). We brought Alabama's kite that she has been asking to fly since she was two. Well, she is a lot like me in that we get an idea in our head of how the event will go and it's hard when it doesn't. Here are a few examples of our time at the beach: The kite was missing a dowel. Adam improvised with a stick but it still wouldn't fly which was extremely unfortunate considering the high winds we had should have been good for something, at least. Jeff and Brooke told us they were coming to the beach. They didn't and she just couldn't let it go and enjoy herself without them. She must have asked me 50 times when they were coming, call them, etc. Sweet girl also brought her beach mat that she's had in her closet for a long time for "such a time as this" and set it up at the beach on Saturday and then on her chair on Sunday. I could just recognize the struggle as she laid on it and the reality of it was not the same as the expectation of relaxation she had in her mind! ha!
 After Pate played with his sand toys and dump truck (Heaven.) 
and Alabama drew in the sand some, the three of us ventured into the nasty water. (Pate had also went back down to the water and threw the ball by himself for a good 10 minutes.) We were there for maybe 5 minutes when Pate fell down into the water and came back up with red places on both hands and crying. I run up the beach with him while Adam sits trailer-park-man-style and watches. The water was so dark, I couldn't see anything but I'm assuming he was stung by a jellyfish. Beach day over. We (Adam) packed up, I took the boys to the car and left whining girl with him. We went to the condo and showered and rested before we drove over to meet Brooke and Jeff on Saint Simon's for supper.  We ate at Mullet Bay and were thankful to be treated to a yummy dinner. (I don't tell her to pose like this. ever.)

 Then we walked down to the pier and stopped at the cutest candy store! They have a train that goes around the ceiling and of course Pate loved that. He also picked up several pieces of candy in the wrappers and put them in his mouth. We didn't pay for them. I know. We're terrible. 

 We did buy some candy and had fun with the lip suckers! Then we walked down to the pier and saw the lighthouse and played on the playground for a few minutes before we headed back to Jekyll. 

 The next day, we stuck to the pool and then went to the Sea Turtle Center with Jeff after lunch on the playground. (Note to future self: Just eat lunch in the condo. Trust me.)

 That night, I planned for us to take pictures on Driftwood Beach in the matching clothes I bought for us to wear. This is a beautiful beach where Jeff and Brooke got married last year. Well, it's still pretty, but they had BITING FLIES!!!!! Y'all. It was awful! I can't even believe we got these pictures that are somewhat okay. If you ever want to see a fake picture, this is it. They hurt so bad. I just kept saying "just pretend for a second and we'll be done!!" ha!

 My sweet boys. :)
 Love this girl! 

 We had another yummy (but more complicated) supper at Driftwood Bistro after that. I had the Shrimp and Grits and creamed corn and squash casserole. Then we went swimming at the pool with everyone. Fun times. :) We packed up the next morning and headed out. We got breakfast on the way to Savannah at Dunkin' Donuts and Waffle House. Complicated orders! ha! We got to Savannah about lunch time and went to the Savannah Mall. First stop, Target to buy socks for Adam. Then Texas Roadhouse for lunch and finally Bass Pro Shops to use Adam's gift card and see the fish and try out the boats! We made it all the way down Abercorn while Pate slept to go to the candy store on River Street. As we walk down to the candy store, I see a sign in this toy store that everything is 70% off. So in we go. I go over to look at the toy excavator and the next thing I know, I hear this loud crash and Adam is on the floor! I look away as the sales lady approaches and says, "Sorry, it's not a seat. It's a shelf." lol! Adam says, "Well, it looked like one to me." We laughed all the way home! We finally make it to River Street Sweets. They were in heaven.

 We picked out some Pralines and fudge, suckers and taffy and were on our way. We ended our trip walking down the River and got to see a tugboat, too. 

We are thankful for the memories made and the time with family. Just remember, vacation is not always as it appears on Instagram and Facebook. :) Although nice, not perfect. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 1/2 Birthday Blue!

You are 6 months old today!!! You are doing great!

 You are sitting up unassisted and can roll from front to back and back to front and all around! I saw you 'almost' sit up by yourself when I went to get you from your bed this week. Crazy. You wear size 9 month clothes and size 4 diapers. You love to laugh at Pate and Alabama especially when he falls on the floor with his ball. You think that's just hilarious! You tried rice cereal yesterday and LOVED it. You wanted more and then had some last night, too! You ate great with no tongue thrusting and great swallowing! Today, you had your first bottle of breast milk and even held it by yourself. You thought it was great and were mad when it was all gone. When we hold you, you are such a wiggleworm!!!! You do not sit still. ever. You also started grabbing EVERYTHING within reach! Nothing is safe with you, now! Your favorite toys are Sophie Giraffe and Peter Rabbit and the wooden chew toys. You like being in the exersaucer for a little while but can hardly fit in the Bumbo anymore. You like me to sing to you. I sing "Amazing Grace", "Jesus Loves Me", "Hush Little Baby", "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus", "Snuggle Puppy", "Blue Eyes", and "Baby Blue". All the singing in the world won't help this night time waking of yours, though! You sleep in your crib now, but wake up several times a night and nothing will settle you but to nurse. Alabama likes to pick you up and tote you around (although I don't let her but she does it anyway sometimes) and Pate still likes to give you a million kisses. He doesn't like other people to talk to you. He says, "MY baby Boo!!" He'll say, "I know" so sweet when you are fussing in the car. Ha! This past month has been a busy one! You went to your first VBS, went to Asheville, NC with Kah Kah, Daddy, and me for a Women's Retreat, visited the Biltmore and you also took your first ride in Daddy's boat this month and liked it so much you fell asleep!  Everyone tells me what a happy baby you are and you are always smiling with those precious dimples! So so thankful for you! We love you Juicy Lucy!!!!

UPDATE: You had your 6 month checkup today, 7/14 and you were 21 pounds 6 ounces and 28 inches long! Dr. Renew said you were perfect! :) Oh, and you pulled up on the bed railing onto you knees today. What?

Wow, how you've grown in 6 months!

4th of July Weekend

We had a great three day weekend to celebrate the 4th of July! We had Sconyer's BBQ on Friday for lunch at our house. While Adam worked outside, we had chocolate chip muffins and strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream for breakfast.

Then we cleaned up that morning and added a couple more flag decorations. Alabama was so proud that she wrote the God Bless America on the ribbon plate and I didn't even have to tell her how to spell God. They also made the firework art on the fridge earlier in the week. Fun and easy project!
 While Blue slept, Adam and I went to Wal-Mart by ourselves to grab a few things then we came home and ate lunch with everyone. Pate and Alabama painted t-shirts to wear as pajamas to the fireworks in Evans that night. Everywhere was closed, but luckily Five Guys was open so we got some food to tailgate with and we ended up sitting with lots of our church family at a friend's local business. It was perfect to be away from the crowds and not have to walk and carry all of our stuff. We had a great view and great company! Alabama and Pate kept saying how loud it was (it was not.) but they didn't act too crazy! ha! Blue did great the whole time!

Saturday, we stayed home in the morning and I put another coat of paint on my dresser which is turning out great! Adam got up early and cut the grass and then cooked us a yummy breakfast. Alabama thinks she is quite the cook now and likes to help scramble eggs and asks for Adam to teach her how to cook other things like toast and grits. Blue also had his first rice cereal and he loved it! Adam took the big kids to town with him and I took Blue to Hobby Lobby with me. While I was gone, they played in the pool outside and had a big time. When I got back, Pate took a nap and then Mama and Daddy came by with Granny. We went with them to Angie's at Pollard's Corner. (yuck.) We rode across the lake and stopped to get gas then went home and gave bath's to everyone. Adam was outside finishing up the mailboxes (which turned out beautiful!) and Mimi and Tay Tay were here so it was very hard to get the kids in the bed, but they finally fell asleep sometime after 9:45.

Sunday, we got to church at 8:30 and I helped in Alabama's class again. I love it in there. So fun! After church, we went with Audra to Rhinehart's (I've been wanting that for a while!) and then home. Adam dug Pate a hole with the tractor to go muddin' with his jeep. Boys.... He's such a fun Daddy sometimes! I took 6 month pictures with Blue and got him to take a nap. Tonight, we had a 4th of July Fellowship at church with BBQ sandwiches and water toys outside. I just love our church! So blessed! Thankful for a free country and those who have fought to preserve it! Great message today on the state of our nation. You can listen at